Kitchen makeover to suit your budget.

Kitchen refit can be quite costly, especially if what you are after is the latest design trend. Complete kitchen renovation often requires other expensive and time-consuming works such as repainting the walls and overall redecoration, including new floors and upgrade of white goods.

Green Spruce is specialising in kitchen upgrades that don’t cost the earth.
We can significantly reduce your kitchen renovation bill by upgrading your old cupboard doors and drawers, replacing old worktops, changing hardware and cabinet handles, and even updating your old floor or installing extra light points.

With a little creativity and effort, we can make your dated kitchen look brand new and super trendy, and save you thousands along the way.
How it works
style and finish of your new kitchen

We discuss with you the style and finish of your new kitchen.

We visit you at your home and take all the necessary measurements, inspect kitchen cabinet doors, and all other details that will give us an overall idea of what can be done, and what options we have in terms of improving the storage space. We will discuss your design ideas and provide you with an initial estimate on materials, labour and the time frame for the project.

We will also prepare a 3D visualisation of your new kitchen and once signed off, we are ready to arrange a date and time for the next step of your kitchen improvement.

We remove all fronts, drawers and other elements and take them to our workshop.

We arrive at your property as agreed and remove all kitchen elements, then drive them back to our workshop for a complete makeover. This stage includes a lot of sanding, cleaning, painting, and spraying. We also prepare all the hardware such as cabinet handles and hinges ready, and make all necessary adjustments for storage improvements, as requested.

If you requested any additional shelving units, rails, racks, larder units, or any other storage solutions, this is the time when we make them all ready for you.
fronts, drawers and other elements
remodelled kitchen

We install your newly remodelled kitchen quickly and efficiently.

Once all the works in our workshop are completed and your new kitchen fronts, drawers, and other elements are ready, we come back to your home to make your kitchen ready for the installation day.

Depending on whether you requested any additional renovation works such as painting and decorating of the walls, floor upgrade or electrical works, it may take another couple of days before we finish off the entire room and make it ready for your new kitchen installation.
Regardless of the amount of work included, you will always be informed before commencing work, about the estimated time frame and completion date of the project.
There's more...

kitchen flooring upgrades

We can help you refresh the old kitchen floor so it looks brand new and compliments your newly upgraded kitchen.

There is no need to ripping up your old floor and generate even more costs on top of what you have already paid for your refurbished kitchen. We can easily install new flooring on top of the old one, which will save a lot of money, time, and effort.

We can suggest budget-friendly and elegant options for your new kitchen floor such as vinyl, laminate or cork, which are available in a wide range of colours and styles.

worktops, splashbacks and hardware

If you are thinking about a total kitchen makeover, upgrading kitchen fronts alone may not come up to your expectations. In that case, we strongly suggest to think about replacing old worktops and installing brand new splashbacks, that will certainly refresh the look and feel of your old kitchen.

There are many options and materials to choose from, and depending on your budget, you can install some extra fancy features, such as permanent heat rods for hot pans or a built-in draining boards, to completely transform your kitchen interior.

improved storage, new sink and taps

It’s always great to keep the design of the new kitchen consistent and in line with the new style. You don’t necessarily have to replace all appliances with the latest models, but a change of sink and taps will certainly make a huge difference. There are many sink options on the market, available in different styles, colours and made of various materials, so you will certainly find something within a reasonable price to make your new kitchen look in tune.

Improving your kitchen storage space will make it look and feel more upscale, however, if your budget is too tight, painting your kitchen white will surely maximise the vertical space of your kitchen.
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