Splendid bathroom renovations.

Transforming your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Some options and solutions will save you some serious money and we can help you achieve this by using your old and worn furniture and cabinets and upgrading their look to match your chosen style.

It’s amazing, how a simple sanding and a lick of fresh paint can transform dated bathroom cabinets and make them look brand-new. You can also opt for new cabinet fronts and have us finish it for you to your exact specification.

Whatever your choice of style and the budget, we will work closely with you to thoroughly plan the renovation works and help you save both money and time on your bathroom renovation project.
splendid bathroom renovations
Why remodel
upgrade and add luxury
at a relatively low price
Your bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to go through major renovation works to spruce it up, refresh it looks, and to provide much-desired luxury.

Depending on your budget, there is a lot that can be done to make a difference. Changing light fixtures and sink faucets, mounting new towel racks or replacing cabinet handles are just a few.

There are a lot of things we can help you redo and recycle, instead of spending your money on buying new. Restoring your old cabinet doors and bathroom furniture, regrouting bathroom tiles, or replacing laminate flooring are all budget-friendly ideas that will make your tired bathroom look like new.
increase storage space
and add functionality
Nothing gives as much joy as more storage room in your cramped and overfilled bathroom cabinets. As the average British bathroom is rather humble in space, we understand this feature can make a huge difference to your everyday life.

We can help get rid of and tackle the clutter in your bath and make it optically larger by custom made storage furniture such as made to measure tallboys, corner storage cabinets, bespoke shelving units, and other wall-mounted storage solutions, designed and made specifically for your bathroom.

For family bathrooms and those of a larger size, we can design and make complete suites, including bespoke made vanity units in any size and the style of your choice.
improve energy efficiency
and water usage
If you care about both your pocket and the environment, refurbishing your bathroom is a great opportunity to have a closer look at the energy and water consumption.

If your budget allows for more, you can consider changing the old appliances and install water-saving taps and showerheads, which can significantly reduce water usage and the energy needed to heat it in your bathroom. The smart design of efficient faucets maintains pressure and reduce the outflow at the same time.

If your budget is tight, there are other ways to reduce your utility costs, such as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, installing low flow toilets, decreasing the water heater temperature or installing led lighting in your bathroom.
an improvement you will love.

An improvement you will love.

Our tailored services are designed to help you get a complete bathroom makeover by providing custom and made to measure bathroom cabinets. From vanity units to bespoke cabinets, we design and make your bathroom furniture to be functional and to perfectly suit the available space and your lifestyle.

Our skilled craftsmen have both the experience and the know-how to maximise the potential of the tiniest room by designing bathroom pieces and suites that take advantage of every inch of the designated space and make it work for you.

We ensure the renovation works run smoothly and efficiently and that the finished result exceeds your expectations. Why not give us a call and speak to us about your ideas?
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